2022/23 Resident Benefits Program Stickers

UPDATE 01/07/22 - This year we are offering two options to receive your 2022/2023 Resident Benefits Program Stickers.

  1. The new stickers will be available for pickup at our NTPUD Administrative offices in Tahoe Vista after January 15, 2022.  You can come in-person to the office and complete your form and pick up your stickers starting Monday, January 17th.
  2. Or, if you prefer to have your stickers mailed, you can download the forms below and submit them to our staff via email at - customerservice@ntpud.org. Once our staff receives your completed forms and verifies your information, we will mail you your stickers.  

2022/23 District Resident Benefits Program Forms

The Frequently Asked Questions and answers listed below provide additional information regarding the NTPUD Recreation & Parks Resident Benefits Program - 

What is CFD 94-1?

The Community Facilities District (CFD) 94-1 is a voter approved Mello Roos special tax assessment of all taxable developed properties within NTPUD boundaries. The CFD supports operations and maintenance of Recreation and Parks amenities throughout the District, including the North Tahoe Regional Park and the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area. Funds collected from this tax measure also support youth recreation programming in the District. Since the Mello Roos was approved in 1992, the District has added, repaired, and enhanced nearly all of the recreational amenities throughout the Regional Park , as well as constructed additional parking and new amenities at the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area.

Funds collected from this tax measure also allow the NTPUD to provide annual support to organizations within the District's boundaries to operate youth-focused recreational and sports programs in the community. These subsidies come in the form of cash donations, as well as in-kind donations such as free field usage (including the lining and required prep time) and field maintenance.

CFD 94-1 provides more than $600,000 for the upkeep, operation, and maintenance of the District recreation and parks facilities, as well as to subsidize youth recreation and sports programs. These funds along with parking fees and feed paid by the District's concessionaires contribute to the cost to maintain and operate the District's Recreation and Parks amenities. 

I am a new District resident, how does the Resident Benefit program work?

A continuing goal for the District is to improve the value provided to District taxpayers. The Resident Benefits Program provides two (2) vehicle stickers to property owners within the District boundaries who have paid the current CFD 94-1 tax assessment as part of their property tax bill. Each parcel that pays the full assessment is eligible for two (2) vehicle stickers for use. A third or fourth sticker can be purchased for ½ the cost of the current assessment. No more than four stickers may be provided per parcel. The stickers are to be adhered to the windshield of your vehicle and they are non-transferable. However, property owners who pay the CFD 94-1 may request that the stickers be provided to their renters or tenants on the property by completing the Assignment of Resident Benefits Program Privileges to long term renter or tenant. 

I am a renter or tenant in the District, how do I receive the Resident Benefits Program privileges?

District residents who are renters and tenants and don’t pay the CFD 94-1 tax assessment directly can request that the owner or property management company assign the property’s Resident Benefit privileges to them, by submitting the additional assignment form. (Download the Assignment of Resident Benefits Program Privileges Form). 

If you do not own the property where you reside and the landlord, property owner, or property management company does not choose to pass their Resident Benefits on to you, you may purchase an seperate NTPUD Resident Benefits Program sticker for the current year, at a rate of half of the current tax assessment of the property. You will  receive one vehicle sticker and all Resident Benefits for that fee. Additional vehicle stickers are not available for purchase by renters or tenants. 

Those who are not property owners and live outside the District's boundaries may also purchase a "Park Supporter" pass for $100. Park Supporters receive some of the Resident Benefits Program privileges, but not all.  See the Park Supporter page for more information.

What privileges does the Resident Benefits Program provide? 

The Resident Benefits Program allows free parking at the North Tahoe Regional Park and discounted parking at Tahoe Vista Recreation Area As well as discounted daily and season pass launch rates for the Tahoe Vista Boat Launch. The Resident Benefits Program also offers discounted rates for rental of Regional Park facilities such as the Ramada group picnic area, tennis courts, and baseball fields, and a discount on activities provided through District concessionaires.

Although Tahoe Vista Recreation Area is owned by the District, it was constructed after the CFD 94-1 was passed and its maintenance requirements were not included in the funding request, Residents are required to pay a reduced fee for use of this facility. This funding is used to provide for maintenance and operation as well as to set aside funding for long-term maintenance such as parking lot sealing and resurfacing.

What if I sell the car, or replace the windshield that one of my stickers was on?

You can provide the District with the Bill of Sale of the car, or the reciept for windshield replacement, and we'll replace the sticker for no charge.