​2022 Park Supporter Program Form


FAQs About Benefits

The Frequently Asked Questions and answers listed below provide additional information regarding the NTPUD Park Supporter Program:

What is the NTPUD Park Supporter Program?
Who is eligible and what benefits do I get? 

What is a NTPUD Park Supporter Program?

The District’s Park Supporter Program was created to allow those that do not live within the NTPUD boundaries, but enjoy the District’s recreation and park amenities, to support the District’s Recreation and Parks Department at a level similar to District residents who pay the CFD 94-1 tax assessment. The cost to join the NTPUD Park Supporter Program for 2022 is $100.

Who is eligible and what benefits do I get?

The District welcomes anyone that wishes to support our Recreation and Parks Department to be a Park Supporter! Whether you are a disc golfer, a parent with children that enjoy the playground and the baseball or soccer and lacrosse fields, or you bring your dog to play in the dog park or walk on the trails; if you regularly enjoy and utilize the recreation and park amenities in the North Tahoe Regional Park and/or the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area, we welcome and encourage you to join our residents in contributing to their maintenance and upkeep.

The $100 annual fee provides the same benefits that NTPUD residents receive, for up to two (2) vehicles. Park Supporter Program member benefits include free parking at the North Tahoe Regional Park and the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area (-not including boat trailers), as well as discounted daily and season pass launch rates at the Tahoe Vista Boat Launch. Park Supporter Program members also receive discounts on rental of facilities in the North Tahoe Regional Park (-not including commercial or tournament rentals of the baseball, softball, multi-use, and soccer/lacrosse fields), as well as discounts on activities provided through District recreation concessionaires.

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