Bear cubs in a dumpster and snow in backgroundBe Bear Aware

Lake Tahoe is black bear habitat, please use caution. Make sure to clean up after yourself and your guests and deposit all trash into a bear proof trash receptacle. Do not leave food unattended.  A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear!  Please help keep our bears alive by keeping them out of the trash.  

North Tahoe Regional Park Regulations

Includes all Park Facilities: Ramada, Scout Camp, Ballfields, Tennis Courts, Picnic Areas

  1. Park hours: Dawn to Dusk, Winter 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Summer; 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  2. Observe the 11 mph speed limit.
  3. Off-Highway vehicles are prohibited.
  4. Woodcutting or gathering is prohibited.
  5. State of California prohibits any use of firearms.
  6. Campfires are prohibited.
  7. Courtesy must be shown to other Park users; no loud music, noise or littering.
  8. Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash or at the Tahoe Unleashed Dog Park and owners must pick-up after their pets. However, dogs are not permitted on ballfields or the soccer field for health reasons.
  9. Amplified sound or live music only with additional permit.
  10. Alcohol only with additional permit. Alcohol is never permitted on or around the ballfields or the playground.
  11. No early check in or use of site before reserved time.
  12. Park entry fee is NOT included unless arrangements are made in advance.
  13. Due to unknown weather conditions in the fall and early spring months, the District reserves the right to shut off the water at its discretion. During winter months, water is completely shut off to prevent pipes from freezing.

Cleaning checklist for the Ramada and the Group Picnic Area

  1. Keep area clear of debris or barriers.
  2. Remove and dispose of trash in the provided trash receptacles.
  3. Do not leave any food items or decorations at picnic site.
  4. Please turn off the water and lights before you leave.
  5. Lake Tahoe has an extreme fire risk, especially during summer months.
  6. Please do not rearrange the picnic tables. Any request for movement of tables must be through the District office or personnel.

Guidelines for Ballfield and Other Field Preparation

  1. Field rental fees include field(s) being ready to play by event start time. 
  2. Multi-field tournaments shall have staggered start times to allow for field prep.
  3. Bases used will be those distances listed on the Rental Application.
  4. If multiple fields are used, staggered start times of 45 minutes are required. A minimum of 30 minutes staggered game times will be maintained throughout the day to properly prepare the fields.
  5. Alcohol is not permitted on or around ballfields or bench area.

Tahoe Vista Recreation Area Facility Regulations

  1. Dogs are not permitted on beaches due to water quality concerns. The District’s drinking water intake is located at Tahoe Vista Recreation Area. Those with dogs on this property will lose security deposit.
  2. Glass containers of any kind are prohibited.
  3. Woodcutting or gathering is prohibited.
  4. State of California prohibits any use of firearms.
  5. Campfires are prohibited.
  6. Courtesy must be shown to other beach users; no loud music, noise or littering.
  7. Amplified music requires an Amplified Sound or Live Music Application and must be turned off by 9:00 p.m.
  8. The park remains available for general public use during your event.
  9. Leave the facility in the condition it is found. All decorations, temporary alterations, etc. must be removed.
  10. All events must be cleaned and the area cleared by 10:00 p.m., the park closing time.

Regulations for Picnic Table Rental

Tahoe Vista Recreation Area

  1. These regulations are in addition to the Regulations for the individual park facility as indicated above.
  2. Picnic table reservations are available.   
  3. There are no grills at Tahoe Vista Recreation Area. You may bring your own propane grill but charcoal grills are not permitted on this site.
  4. Unreserved tables are open to the public on a first come, first served basis.
  5. Groups that reserve tables may only occupy tables they have rented. Those renting tables and then utilizing remaining tables reserved for “fist come, first served” patrons may not be permitted to rent tables for one year and/or may be charged the full security deposit as rental for use of the “first come, first served” tables.