Public Beaches in North Lake Tahoe

The NTPUD Recreation and Parks Department owns and maintains the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area.  Public beaches in North Lake Tahoe including Kings Beach State Recreation Area, Coon Street Boat Launch, Kings Beach Plaza, Sandy Beach, Secline Beach, Moon Dunes Beach and North Tahoe Beach which are maintained by California State Parks. Please call (530) 583-3075 for questions or information regarding California State Park properties.  

map of north lake tahoe beachesSecline BeachCBW Kings Beach State Recreation Area Kings Beach Moon Dunes Beach North Tahoe Beach CS PL SB Tahoe Vista Recreation Area SBB

Currently, there are no charges to use any of the beaches. Parking fees do apply at the Kings Beach State Recreation Area and Tahoe Vista Recreation Area.  If you bike, walk or use public transportation, use of the beach is free. Additionally, the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area and Boat Launch is available for rent for parties, weddings or public events. Please see the Facilities and Reservation information at the top of this page for details.



This beautiful 2.7 acre lakeshore property with approximately 800 feet of lakeshore frontage provides easy access for visitors of all abilities including sidewalks and paved areas leading to the beach, a sheltered boat launching facility, group picnic and special event areas, restrooms, sidewalks, and a large plaza with interpretive signage. A swim area provides beachgoers a designated area away from motorized and non-motorized traffic. The Tahoe Vista Recreation Area and Boat Launch is also part of the Tahoe Water Trail. District Concessionaire's Tahoe Adventure Company provides seasonal kayak and SUP rentals and tours at this facility.

The parking area located across the street (and accessed via crosswalk at the signal light) provides 42 vehicles and 24 vehicles with trailer pull through spaces, a paved walking/bike trail along National Avenue leading to the North Tahoe Regional Park, a bus pullout and shelter, landscaping and stormwater BMP's. The 3.6-acre site located at the intersection of North Lake Boulevard (California State Route 28) and National Avenue was acquired by the NTPUD with funds from the California Tahoe Conservancy to provide specifically for parking.

Development of this beach was a collaborative effort between the North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD), California Department of Boating and Waterways and the California Tahoe Conservancy, and received the Tahoe Regional Planning Agencies' Best of the Basin Award in 2006.

Kayak and Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Rentals & Tours

Kayak and SUP rentals and tours are available from the Tahoe Adventure Company.